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We value our clients' experience at Newark Pet Clinc. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Satinderjit Singh

Since we moved from Fremont. We had hard time looking for affordable veterinarian clinic in our area. We located vet Clinic in Pittsburgh to take our Toy Yorkie regarding her left leg. We made appointment to check her leg. I thought maybe her leg needed to be adjusted because it's known there legs pop out. So, the veterinarian said need x-ray to see what's wrong with her leg. So, they  did the x-ray and the veterinarian came back, and she said, she has bone cancer. Nothing she can do ... we cry, and they said when your ready to put her down let them know. My heart was broken and I couldn't see her gone that quick because she still has life in her. We took her home, and than my daughter stated to me. Why don't we take her to Dr. Young in Fremont. Dr. Young knows our Toy Yorkie. I made the call to her office and the technician said Dr. Young retired. But they said, we have good veterinarians that bought the clinic. So the technician said would you I like to talk to Dr. Singh, so I did. I explained the condition that our Yorkie has bone cancer. When Dr. Singh was talking to me on the telephone.  He stated to me  "we are here to safe there life's "... when he said that I booked appointment with Dr. Singh. Don't know exactly when we saw him, but we didn't hesitate to book an appointment with Dr. Singh. They took x-rays and he explained to us, its bone cancer, and he will have to remove her left leg. We ask, the cost of the survey for removing her leg. When he told us the cost of the survey. It's affordable and we schedule the survey at Tracy Clinic, and our little Toy Yorkie had her surgery and the survey was success. We pick her up today and she is doing so well without her left leg. She can drink water, eat and do doggie bathroom. We are truly blessed that we made that call to our old veterinarian because our Jivonie is here with us. We trust Dr. Singh, even though, the shortest time we know him, and we will bring our 3 other dogs to him.  We're indebted to Dr. Singh and he is God sent ... thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are looking for a vet/pet hospital that is affordable, has integrity and will give you good pet care, you have come to the right place. After spending A LOT of money with high priced vets in the Bay Area, we stumbled upon the partner clinic to Newark Pet Clinic (affordablepetvetclinic.c… in Tracy, CA) and discovered 3 talented vets (Dr. Saini, Dr. Sandu and Dr. Singh) who provide good care at affordable prices. Then we were very excited to hear that on April 1, 2016 they had taken over a clinic closer to our home -- Newark Pet Clinic in Fremont, CA. 

We have worked with Dr. Saini who has helped us with our cat's small cell lymphoma diagnosis, and our cat is doing very well! Last week, our other cat started acted very strangely, and I was able to email the doctor with a video, and he told me we should see him right away because our cat was in pain. Fortunately, it was something treatable, and our cat is a happy camper a few days later. Newark Pet Clinic's prices are at least HALF of what other vets charge. For example, a cat teeth cleaning with anesthesia costs $125.00 (including observing our cat afterwards). That is affordable! 

They are open 6 days a week in Fremont. If you really need help on a Sunday, you are covered and can drive to Tracy, CA to see the same vets. How can you lose with such good care and long hours. You won't have to rush to an emergency hospital and pay the high prices, and can have your animals cared for whether it is routine care or an emergency!

- Grace B.